The deer’s melancholy.

The deer's melancholy

The deer’s melancholy

The deer was lurking
On the grasses with
The cheer of eating
Her dear and own fill.

She continued her fill
With her same and own
Cheer and merry till
She saw a leafwore brown
Oak which lied sore with
Its confusing tore roots.

She thought the oak
As an other stag
Which was soaking
Under the soil with
Its horns above the
Surface of the soil.

She tried her best
Of her horns to pull
The oak thinking it as
A poor stag soaked
Under the soil.

Her horns became sore
And lost its strength so
Broke badly which tore
Her helping mind.

The deer went melancholic
Not for her horns but
For the oak of which
She thought as a poor
Stag soaking below
The soil underneath.


Beside the glasses

Beside the glasses

The great rain
Made the
Bird’s brain
To sit behind
The window

The waste food
There made
The hungry
Bird eat
The taste, good.

The shadow of the
Bird reflected in
The window glass
Made it ready to
Fight with the
Reflected claws.

The bird quarreled
As well as
The shadow quarreled

They beat each other
With their
Feet to teach other

The shadow
On the window
Doesn’t had
A single sign
Of a little pain
But the bird
Was sore bad
And feathers
Were wore sad

The bird accepted
The defeat
But the shadow
On the window
Was not there
To defeat.

Shadow of
The bird
Was not
At all there
As The owner
Of the house
Opened the
Glass window.
Door and pour
Some water
On the eater
Which flew
Away sadly

The bird had a class
Dashing on a glass!

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